Archive | December, 2012

SL Residents Weigh in on Infrastructure and Land


This month, New World Notes highlighted a blog series on the Digital Pasture written by Penny Patton. Her posts are a comprehensive assessment of existing infrastructure and tools in Second Life. She also adds suggestions for improvements. You can read through her insights through the links below:

A Critical Look at Second Life – Presentation

A Critical Look at Second Life – Bringing Content to People

A Critical Look At Second Life – Part 3 "Improving the Content Creation Tools"



Also this month, Prim Perfect is conducting an opinion survey of land in Second Life and what it means to you. The survey is closing soon with results expected to be released over the holidays. If you want to add your thoughts to the survey, make sure to take it now by clicking the link below. And we look forward to the results:

Prim Perfect Survey: Second Life Land and You