Let’s Create Legends!

Rockcliffe Library SimOne of the first steps in actually writing a community plan is to research and develop the introduction. This opening to the plan establishes background for the reader; it provides context and describes the type of community for which the plan is written. Some plans include in this section a back story or local tale which can be fictional in nature and provides the reader a feeling for the culture and spirit of that community. Unfortunately for Second Life, there is no legend or tale describing the founding of our world. We know the facts behind it, but this is not the same. So thinking about how creative the Second Life community is, we talked about asking people in Second Life to create and vote on a founding legend or story for Second Life. Then we talked about the sub-cultures – it would be interesting to have founding stories for those. So the outcome of this is a type of contest or call for Legends. There's a special website set up where you can learn more about how to submit and vote on entries we post at Virtual Vision 2020 Legends. Legends will be accepted until 11:59 pm CST March 31, 2013. Then voting will close at 5pm CST April 15, 2013.

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