Virtual Vision 2020

is a community plan for Second Life

Virtual Vision 2020 is an attempt to capture the community's thoughts, ideas, opinions, and goals for Second Life. Modeled off the community planning process that takes place in communities all across the world, this virtual plan can help the Second Life community define itself, set goals for its future, and offer a roadmap for success. If you are a member of that community, we need your input to help make the plan a reality and a success!

We are in the first phase of the process – gathering feedback. So if you've ever wanted to share your ideas and thoughts about what makes Second Life great, what makes it frustrating,  what can make it better for you, and where you think it needs to be in 2020, here's your chance – we want to hear from you! We've set up seven surveys – one general and six specific – where you can share anonymously. Or you are welcome to post comments below or on the blog – we'll be blogging specific topics over the next few weeks. You can also post your feedback and thoughts on your own blogs and other social media channels (hashtag #vv2020) – the best plan comes from the most feedback. So let's spread the work and get the discussion going!

Virtual Vision 2020 is a volunteer effort. Current facilitators are Eric Hackathorn, Sandy Adam (Georgianna Blackburn in SL), LuAnn Strine Phillips (Thynka Little in SL), Magic Pathfinder (any1 gynoid), and Pam Broviak (Pam Renoir in SL). If you are interested in helping as a facilitator, just let any of us know. There's lots of ways to help:

  • We need people to lead and capture discussions either in Second Life or through social media channels. 
  • We need people to help write the plan
  • We need people who are interested in exploring and giving feedback on the different aspects of the plan through their own online media channels
  • We probably need people to do other things we have not yet thought of so if you know what we need you to do, let us know!

You can stay up to date on the planning process and related events by following this blog or joining our group in Second Life. Search the groups listing for Virtual Vision 2020 and join!

When the plan is completed, we will make it available to everyone as a public domain document so that anyone can access it and use it to help promote and support the community.


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