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A healthy and sustainable economy is important to the success of a community. And planning for economic development helps a community encourage economic growth and vitality and continued investment in the community.

In Second Life, it really is no different just because it is virtual. Many people rely on the economy here for their income or for entertainment and shopping. And the Second Life economy adds to their quality of life.
What does the economy in Second Life mean to you? Are you a business owner or customer or employee or all of these? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and vision for the economy here in Second Life by taking one or both of the surveys below that are related to the economy.
All surveys are anonymous. No personal data about you is collected in the process. Your answers will be tallied with others to help create a vision or plan for our Second Life community.

Click here to access the Economy Survey for Owners of Businesses in Second Life


Click here to access the Economy Survey for Customers of Businesses in Second Life