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Latest Infrastructure Suggestions

We heard a lot of good suggestions, comments, and ideas at our open discussion events at SL9B. I'm still in the process of summarizing them, but in the meantime, wanted to list a few of the recent blog posts discussing infrastructure in Second Life.

Linden Lab's recent infrastructure improvement project:

Linden Lab recently announced a concentrated effort to work on some of the issues related to graphics and performance. And a few people have offered their thoughts about this project. Below are some links to a few comprehensive articles on the topic.

A Shining announcement: major improvements coming to SL – from Living in a Modem World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

Second Life Changes Coming – from Nalates' Things and Stuff 

In addition, a couple people have offered ideas about improving other services. You can check out their posts here:


A couple of great posts covering improvements to communication:

Improving groups – from Jo Yardley's Second Life

Improving out-world possibilities for in-world situations – from Jo Yardley's Second Life


An older, but still relevant post about scale and how it affects our experience in Second Life:

A Matter of Scale – from The Digital Pasture