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SL Residents Weigh in on Infrastructure and Land


This month, New World Notes highlighted a blog series on the Digital Pasture written by Penny Patton. Her posts are a comprehensive assessment of existing infrastructure and tools in Second Life. She also adds suggestions for improvements. You can read through her insights through the links below:

A Critical Look at Second Life – Presentation

A Critical Look at Second Life – Bringing Content to People

A Critical Look At Second Life – Part 3 "Improving the Content Creation Tools"



Also this month, Prim Perfect is conducting an opinion survey of land in Second Life and what it means to you. The survey is closing soon with results expected to be released over the holidays. If you want to add your thoughts to the survey, make sure to take it now by clicking the link below. And we look forward to the results:

Prim Perfect Survey: Second Life Land and You

Collection of Views on Participation in Second Life & the Metaverse

Recently there's been a few articles in which current and past members of Second Life have expressed their thoughts on participation in virtual platforms. I'm listing them here because they express what appear to be several common attitudes or views on the benefits and challenges of the Second Life platform. Some also offer insight into what people are looking for from a virtual experience.

Why Anyone Who Cares About the Metaverse Needs to Move Beyond Second Life; Now, Not Later – by Chris Collins (Fleep in Second Life)

My take on the future of the Metaverse: If there has been a failure, it is ours – on Botgirl's Identity Circus by Botgirl Questi

More thoughts on the present and future Metaverse – on Botgirl's Identity Circus by Botgirl Questi

Comment: On the Metaverse – on Cyberbehavior and Cyberworlds by Dr Matthieu J. Guitton

Second Life is Not the Metaverse — But That's Not What It Was First Invented to Be – on New World Notes by Wagner James Au

Snow Crashing – on Andromeda by Will Burns (darianknight) 

Second Life, the Metaverse, and Everything – on Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life) by Honour McMillan

The Viewer is Critical Infrastructure

In the world of Second Life, the viewer has to be considered critical infrastructure. It allows us to access the world, and it's the method through which we control our experience. Without it we don't get in. And if the viewer has problems or doesn't work well, our experience and quality of life suffers. Yep, definitely critical.

Currently Second Life provides an official viewer along with a Beta version. When we all first join, we are most likely downloading and using the official Second Life viewer. But once we spend some time in world, some of us eventually realize not everyone is using the official viewer. We realize there are other viewers available  – these are referred to as Third Party Viewers (TPV). Some people try out these other viewers and never go back to the one provided by Second Life. Others regularly switch between viewers. And there are many who never use anything but the Second Life viewer. In May of this year, the New World Notes blog posted a story with some user statistics indicating 65-75% of people in Second Life were using the Phoenix/Firestorm viewers with Phoenix being number one, Firestorm number two, and the official viewer being the third most used viewer. The story generated many comments – another indication of how important the viewer is to users.

Over the years there's been a lot of changes to the official viewer and even more were recently announced. Many blogs have been posting articles about the changes. So I'm listing some articles here that capture the conversation because they are an indication of what Second Life members need and envision for this critical piece of infrastructure – the viewer. As I find more, I'll continue to add them to this post:


For General Viewer Information:

Second Life Forum – Viewer Topic (note it's one of the topics with the most posts which is another sign indicating its importance)


Reactions to recent viewer changes:

Raising the Walls  – from the Telling: Like it Is blog

Linden Lab cuts viewer link to OpenSim – from the Hypergrid Business site (while the focus of the article is on OpenSim, a portion of the article and some of the comments specifically express opinions about how this affects Second Life)


Understanding the Infrastructure

The ability to enjoy your time in Second Life is significantly affected by hardware and software performance and capabilities. And this is why infrastructure and services stands as a separate planning category in this effort. While our discussions haven't yet touched on this aspect, I have recently read a few blog posts discussing this subject and wanted to share them here. As I find more, I will add them to the list. 

Your router could be screwing up your connection to Second Life – from Dwell on It by Tateru Nino

There goes the neighbourhood…. – from and by soror Nishi

Project Shining to Improve Avatar and Object Streaming Speeds – from Second Life by Linden Lab

Content Creation Improvement User Group Week 29 – discussion of requests from content creators from Nalates' Things & Stuff by Nalates Urriah


Latest Infrastructure Suggestions

We heard a lot of good suggestions, comments, and ideas at our open discussion events at SL9B. I'm still in the process of summarizing them, but in the meantime, wanted to list a few of the recent blog posts discussing infrastructure in Second Life.

Linden Lab's recent infrastructure improvement project:

Linden Lab recently announced a concentrated effort to work on some of the issues related to graphics and performance. And a few people have offered their thoughts about this project. Below are some links to a few comprehensive articles on the topic.

A Shining announcement: major improvements coming to SL – from Living in a Modem World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

Second Life Changes Coming – from Nalates' Things and Stuff 

In addition, a couple people have offered ideas about improving other services. You can check out their posts here:


A couple of great posts covering improvements to communication:

Improving groups – from Jo Yardley's Second Life

Improving out-world possibilities for in-world situations – from Jo Yardley's Second Life


An older, but still relevant post about scale and how it affects our experience in Second Life:

A Matter of Scale – from The Digital Pasture