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SL Planning Twitter Chat June 20!

That's right – after a great workshop tonight at the Virtual Vision 2020 plot at SL9B, we're excited about continuing the discussion tomorrow (Wed, June 20) night. This time, we'll be talking about community and Second Life through a Twitter chat. Sandy Adam (Twitter handle @sandyadam) will be leading the chat which will begin at 6 PDT (or SLT) with the hashtag #vv2020. So be sure to check out the #vv2020 hashtag tomorrow and join in the conversation!

What the Heck is a Twitter Chat?!

For those of you who might be wondering just what is a Twitter chat (or Tweet chat), it's really just a conversation on Twitter about a specific topic. Usually the chat is facilitated by one person who tweets a few questions, and anyone who wants to join in responds. The entire thread of the conversation can be followed because anyone particpating adds the same hashtag to their Tweets. In our case, this will be #vv2020. So you can follow the discussion by searching for the hashtag, #vv2020 starting around 6 pm PDT tomorrow night. There are even some programs set up to make it easier for you to follow this type of discussion. I've introduced a few below you can try for tomorrow night:

First, you can just use Twitter by typing in the hashtag at the top in the search. This will bring up any tweets with that hashtag. But the difficulty in using Twitter is that you have no longer have your own window in which to type any responses. So you would have to either go back and forth or open another window.

So, an easier tool is TweetChat. After you authorize the application to access your Twitter account, you can type in the hashtag you want to follow in the window at the top. This will bring up all tweets with that hashtag. And you have a window at the top of the stream in which to type your tweets.

Another easy tool to use is Twitterfall. After signing in on the site with your Twitter account, you can type the hashtag into the search window and the stream of tweets begins falling down the page. This site is nice because you can DM, reply, RT, Favorite, or Follow each Tweet or person by hovering over the right end of the tweet and choosing from a pop-up menu. To post a new tweet, you just go to the top of the page and click "New Tweet."